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  • Biscotti Paste di Meliga Cradel
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    “MELIGHE” 300 g CRADEL


    Gourmand cookies typical of Piedmont.

    Cradel “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are traditional, rural and natural. They’re produced with corn flour which has been little milled and smelled butter and are an excellent dessert. Try to dip them in wine, like old-time farmers did. Sweet-smelling and fragrant, “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are hard to resist.
    You’ll never find food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil in our “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries), as we only employ few sorted ingredients; that’s why they’re appreciated whether by those who want to satisfy their gluttony, or by those who want only eat natural and simple products.

  • Biscotti Paste di Meliga in astuccio Cradel
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    ”Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are gourmand cookies typical of Piedmont based on butter and cornmeal.

    Starting from the typical recipe of rural Piedmont, we propose crisp and sweet-smelling “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries).
    It’s about cookies based on cornmeal and butter. The key to taking them out of the oven at best, is to start from the original recipe. Butter and slightly-processed cornmeal. Housewives used just this, and we from Cradel do the same thing. Corn started as poor ingredient, now, however, whetted the interest thanks to its rustic flavour and its versatility in using it.

  • Fette Biscottate al Farro Cradel
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    Rural tastiness for whole meal-lovers.

    We thought about personalizing our Rural Rusks recipe to offer you a tasty alternative. The good wholemeal spelt flour has been our choice. We realised the astonishing Wholemeal Spelt Rusks, perfect for those who like natural products better than refined products. We employ flour taken from a stone-milling without sifting it: this stage allows us to realise products with a special body and a stronger taste. Cradel Rusks are thick, perfect to be garnished with a generous portion of your favourite cream or marmalade.

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    WHOLEMEAL SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers) 250 G CRADEL


    Rural and salty delicacy suited for your every delicious break.

    The salty arrives at Cradel home! Wholemeal Sfogliatelli are a real newness: very first salty bakery products, healthy and delicious like all other Cradel products. Cradel homemade Sfogliatelli have something extra: they’re realised with stone-ground flour, so that you can enjoy the rural taste of full-bodied and crispy wholemeal flour. Sfogliatelli are so tasty that will soon become your favourite snack: every moment of the day is perfect for indulging an appetizing break. Discover them as the basis for enriching your recipes, as substitutes for bread at the dinner table or for enriching your aperitif turning it into an involving happy hour with your friends.

  • Traditional "Paettone Piemontese" 750 g
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    Old tradition ...

    In the CRADEL product range, the classic Christmas dessert could not be missing: the CRADEL Traditional Piedmontese Panettone. Soft, fragrant and with an extra note: the hazelnut glaze, decorated with whole almonds, the true classic of the Piedmontese tradition. Rich in butter, soft raisins and a delicate candied citrus fruit salad.

    Available all year round!

  • Biscotti Tegolette Classiche Cradel
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    TEGOLETTE CLASSICHE (Classic “Tegolette”) 200 g CRADEL


    Wafer-thin temptations for garnish your favourite sweets.

    ”Tegolette Cradel” rely on the traditional recipe of Piedmontese “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”), the characteristic cookies for garnish ice cream sundaes.
    With “Tegolette Cradel” you can rediscover the flavour of simplicity: we employ a few ingredients of the highest quality; that’s all we need to get tasty cookies.
    Serve “Tegolette” Cradel paired with gourmand zabaglione (dessert made of whipped egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine) if you want to delightfully astonish your guests. “Tegoletta” Cradel can be fully-fledged deemed a confectionary

  • Fette Biscottate Senza Zucchero Cradel
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    For a snack, or for a light and pleasant breakfast.

    By preparing Sugar-free Rusks we became skilful mathematicians: the recipe of Cradel Sugar-free Rusks originates from subtraction! We subtracted sugar from our Rural Rusks’ recipe. Subtracted and not replaced. This means that we didn’t add any other kind of sugar substitute. We eliminated the sweet part of a natural recipe, realized with few simple ingredients, so that our Sugar-free Rusks can be eaten by those who want to limit their intake of sugar.


    Cradel “Paste di Meliga” in a practical single dose package which keeps freshness. Each packet consists of two fragrant cookies, that are placed on a practical small cup. They’re fit to a light breakfast or a quick snack. The package is space-safing, so you can carry it in your bag or pack in order to have always at your disposal a portion of your favourite “Paste di Meliga”

  • Frollini con gocce di cioccolato Cradel
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    Your gourmand moment.

    we tell the story of Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip: “Once upon a time, a soft mix based on butter was resting in the cookie factory, when suddenly was attracted by a swarm of little and smiling chocolate-chip. The union of shortbread and chocolate-chip so astonishing that always reoccurs by now, in order to realise our Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip.”

  • Fette Biscottate Rustiche Cradel
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    Thick, fragrant and delicious.

    Cradel Rusks are so tasty that won the recognition “Le più buone d’Italia”(“The tastiest in Italy”) of GAMBERO ROSSO (Gambero Rosso S.p.A. is an Italian publishing house specialist in food&wine by means of publication of guides,broadcasts,training,a monthly magazine and several movable applications). They won thanks to their authenticity. The list of ingredients is really short; this is shown by taste and fragrancy of the product. We have also been awarded for handicraft production; you can notice this further aspect at first sight.Our Rusks have a compact mix and a dark surface: these two characteristics make you think it’s about a home-made product. You can feel how crisp they are.Their taste is a surprise: the golden-brown internal looks tasty and savoury.

  • Frollini con Riso Cradel
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    Light shortcrust pastry temptation.

    The soft mix of shortcrust pastry is realised by partially replacing wheat flour by rice flour and allows us to realise Shortbread with a sweet and delicate taste, ideal to be eaten as sweet dessert. That’s exactly how Cradel Rice Shortbread were created: in simplicity. The balance of flour mix is what makes the difference; the crispness and the fragrance of the cookie rely on this balance. Cradel Rice Shortbread are very light delicacies, excellent to be offered to your guest for delighting the end of the meal.

  • Butter Cookies al Riso Cradel
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    Lightness and tastiness contained in a butter cookie.

    When wheat flour meets rice flour, they create a light and sweet-smelling mix providing the basis for the realisation of special recipes. We from Cradel employed this precious mix to realise our Rice Butter Cookies: light and fancy delicacies great for giving a pinch of light sweetness to your day. Rice Butter Cookies are great for delighting any time of day. We suggest you should always purchase a large quantity because they sell like hot cakes.

  • Crostata di Riso ai Frutti di Bosco Cradel
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    Light delicacy.

    Our Tart with Rice flour is a real surprise of deliciousness. If you choose rice flour, that’s means you take the path of lightness. This could look like a contrast with the idea of glutton and tasty sweet, which is what you firstly think about tart. At Cradel home lightness and taste go hand-in-hand: Rice Tart with Berries-filling is glutton, friable and fragrant. The secret i show to process shortcrust pastry, and we’re so good at this.

  • Crostata di Riso all'Albicocca Cradel
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    Light and healthy.

    Delicate and fragrant, Rice Tart stuffed with Apricot doesn’t fail taste-lovers. Rice flour is very used by those who want propose light version recipes. Shortcrust pastry realised with addition of rice flour is very soft and after baking it keeps its crumbliness. A tart prepared with this base is gourmand like that prepared with classic shortcrust pastry, but it is definitely lighter. Cradle Rice Tart fully satisfy your taste, without overlooking everyone’s needs. Our Rice Tart is tasty and crumbly.

  • Frollini al Burro Cradel
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    Soft and fragrant, they’re excellent for a good awaking.

    Shortbread are cookies with a butter heart. We were bound to combine this precious ingredient and other top-quality ingredients. We realise Cradel Shortbread with excellent raw materials, without intrusion of food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil. Their taste is the tangible proof of authenticity of our Shortbread: when you taste them, you’ll recognise the softness of butter, its sweet and flavoured style and you’ll be pleasantly amazed by the crumbliness of the cookie.