Crostata di Riso ai Frutti di Bosco Cradel
  • Crostata di Riso ai Frutti di Bosco Cradel


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Light delicacy.

Our Tart with Rice flour is a real surprise of deliciousness. If you choose rice flour, that’s means you take the path of lightness. This could look like a contrast with the idea of glutton and tasty sweet, which is what you firstly think about tart. At Cradel home lightness and taste go hand-in-hand: Rice Tart with Berries-filling is glutton, friable and fragrant. The secret i show to process shortcrust pastry, and we’re so good at this.

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Rice tart garnished with berries-filling is a sweet and light temptation.
We from Cradel succeeded in transforming rice flour into an excellent, gourmand, friable, delicate and sweet-smelling dessert: Rice Tart with Berries-filling. Shortcrust pastry realised with addition of rice flour is soft and scented, and it’ perfect for getting a friable and appetizing tart. It’s processing partially occurs by-hand and allows us to get the best from shortcrust pastry.

We really know how important is to satisfy one’s desire of sweet by involving all sense: the sweet has to look gourmand at the sight; its fragrance has to comply what you’re looking at and it has to make you imagine its taste; at the time of tasting, it hasn’t only to be good, but also to have a consistency emphasizing every single element’s taste.

The colour of filling gives the tart a regal and precious appearance. With its great savour and its rich consistency, berries-filling gives the tart several good signs. Good shortcrust pastry with rice flour perfectly combines to the savour of filling .

Cradel Tart with Rice flour and Berries-filling is a real delicacy. You can propose ita s dessert at the end of the meal; pairing it with a good passito wine, fresh fruit and ice-cream, it becaomes a good dessert, worthy of a star cooking.

Data sheet

429 kcal/1801 Kj
17.3 g
of which saturates
8.1 g
63 g
of which sugars
32.9 g
3.6 g
0.2 g