Crostata di Riso all'Albicocca Cradel
  • Crostata di Riso all'Albicocca Cradel


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Light and healthy.

Delicate and fragrant, Rice Tart stuffed with Apricot doesn’t fail taste-lovers. Rice flour is very used by those who want propose light version recipes. Shortcrust pastry realised with addition of rice flour is very soft and after baking it keeps its crumbliness. A tart prepared with this base is gourmand like that prepared with classic shortcrust pastry, but it is definitely lighter. Cradle Rice Tart fully satisfy your taste, without overlooking everyone’s needs. Our Rice Tart is tasty and crumbly.

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How does rice with apricot? The story is long, but just a little.
From the rice you can extract precious flour and when you dispose of good raw material, we from Cradel only have to employ it.
We’ve almost reached the conclusion of this story: if you add so precious rice flour to classic recipe of shortcrust pastry you’ll get the recipe of Cradel Rice Tart.
The happy ending of this story is easy to guess: we produce fragrant and sweet-smelling Rice Tarts with Apricot-filling.

Every single tart is still partially hand-processed and, then, packaged as soon as the hot heat of the oven has dissolved, so that it preserves all unchanged its fragrances.
As you open a packaging of Cradel Tart, your mouth starts watering, because tart emanates its whole fragrance.
At the moment of tasting it, you’ll agreeably astonished again: Cradel Tart is fragrance and tasty.
You’ll feel in your mouth the pleasure of melting shortcrust pastry, as the filling peeps out and gets noticed thanks to its sweet note.
Apricot-filling is the ideal garnish for a tart: is one of the most common weddings of patisserie.

Cradel Rice Tart is perfect in every waking moment; try it for breakfast with fresh-squeezed juice and yoghurt, or with a good cup of tea for delighting your afternoon break.
Cradel Rice Tart is gourmand and fully satisfies your desire of sweet, but it’s light at the same time, so you won’t be tormented by guilt if you want to eat one or two pieces of tart.

Data sheet

429 kcal/1801 Kj
17.3 g
of which saturates
8.1 g
63 g
of which sugars
32.9 g
3.6 g
0.2 g