Bugie Caramello Mou Cradel
  • Bugie Caramello Mou Cradel

BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH MOU CARAMEL 250 g CRADEL

Astonishing and delicious newness.

We thought a lot about how to make Filled Bugie astonishing, until we got the idea to fill them with soft Mou Caramel cream. Mou Caramel Cream is a very sweet and soft filling, that perfectly enriches bugie savour. We from Cradel really know how to tempt you, but we lightly do it. The secret is cooking procedure: our bugie are golden-brown, friable and light. Bugie with Mou Caramel Cream filling are ideal for gladdening a meal. You can gladden an afternoon of partying by serving a generous portion of Cradel Filled Bugie.

Filled bugie are the typical carnival sweet. We from Cradel started precisely with Filled Bugie realisation, always widening the range of fillings, in order to satisfy all the consumers and appetize the mouth of the most curious with gourmand and intriguing fillings.

That’s why Cradel Filled Bugie are available in several flavours. Caramel-filling is very gourmand and modern. So sweet and flavoured, Mou Caramel Cream is a flavour you absolutely have to taste. Appetizing delicacy, you can pair it with hot and cold drinks.
For our Filled Bugie we from Cradel started from the traditional recipe from confectionery and we purposed our lighter version.

Starting from ingredients selection, we pay so much attention to each single stage of processing.
We don’t add food-colouring, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil to the mix. The delicate cooking stage shows all our skill: we only employ top-quality sunflower oil and we skilfully fry, by carefully checking every single stage. Cradel Bugie are golden-brown, light and tasty.

Last stage is the moment of filling. We fill our bugie only after frying for a reason: by no means we want to alter cream qualities, so we avoid them to be contacted by high heat. Cradel Filled Bugie have a gourmand and soft heart: tasty Mou Caramel cream is really a surprise for your mouth.

Data sheet

365 kcal/1536 Kj
13 g
of which saturates
6.5 g
60 g
of which sugars
19 g
4 g
0.2 g