We from Cradel couldn’t avoid taking the most traditional confectionery preparation of rural Piedmont as a starting point and, then, repeat it with our usual homemade and healthy style. The story says “Paste di Meliga” were born in a period of financial constraints, when we were short of white flour. The employment of corn flour has been such a success that even today “Paste di Meliga” are some of the most experienced and prized cookies in the region. Cradel “Paste di Meliga” are realised only with butter and good corn flour coming from a sorted mill. We manually operate several stages of preparation of “paste di meliga”. The rural taste and the stirring fragrance of Cradel “Paste di Meliga” conquer even the most unwilling people: nobody can resist to the temptation of tasting one of our cookies. Everyone knows that “Paste di Meliga” are so involving that you can’t eat only one. It’s good to serve a big quantity of them. You can pair them with coffee, for delighting a moment of break, or in pairing with scented fortified wine at the end of the meal.

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    “MELIGHE” 300 g CRADEL


    Gourmand cookies typical of Piedmont.

    Cradel “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are traditional, rural and natural. They’re produced with corn flour which has been little milled and smelled butter and are an excellent dessert. Try to dip them in wine, like old-time farmers did. Sweet-smelling and fragrant, “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are hard to resist.
    You’ll never find food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil in our “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries), as we only employ few sorted ingredients; that’s why they’re appreciated whether by those who want to satisfy their gluttony, or by those who want only eat natural and simple products.

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    ”Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are gourmand cookies typical of Piedmont based on butter and cornmeal.

    Starting from the typical recipe of rural Piedmont, we propose crisp and sweet-smelling “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries).
    It’s about cookies based on cornmeal and butter. The key to taking them out of the oven at best, is to start from the original recipe. Butter and slightly-processed cornmeal. Housewives used just this, and we from Cradel do the same thing. Corn started as poor ingredient, now, however, whetted the interest thanks to its rustic flavour and its versatility in using it.