SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers)

We from Cradel couldn’t resist the temptation and finally we have done it: the range of taste has been extended! Here’s among our products the first “salted” delicacies. We are proud to present our Cradel Sfogliatelli: big homemade square crackers with classic and wholemeal flavours for charming everyone’s taste. With our usual passion, the scrupulous selection of ingredients and our affinity to baked goods, we propose a new salty recipe, which is as tasty as every Cradel preparation. Sfogliatelli are great as snack, as an alternative to bread on the table, as bruschetta (toasted bread seasoned with oil and garlic and often diced tomatoes) and as appetizer for enriching an aperitif and turning it into a joyful happy hour. Our Cradel Sfogliatelli are crispy and tasty and have a single flaw: they’re irresistible!


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    CLASSIC SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers) 250 G CRADEL


    Crispy salty squares for delicious breaks.

    What contributes to improve the atmosphere at the dinner table? A savoury and appetizing newness, which is really hard to resist. Cradel Sfogliatelli are crackers you wouldn’t expect: homemade and savoury, they’re perfect for substituting bread or to be paired with a delicious appetizer. Thick and friable crispbread, they’re so tasty even if you eat only them. For creating them we’ve done nothing but combine our wish to create a salty baked product and our ability to bring out homemade, tasty and friable specialties. The selection of ingredients is always precise; you can find all our good habits in New Cradel Sfogliatelli.

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    WHOLEMEAL SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers) 250 G CRADEL


    Rural and salty delicacy suited for your every delicious break.

    The salty arrives at Cradel home! Wholemeal Sfogliatelli are a real newness: very first salty bakery products, healthy and delicious like all other Cradel products. Cradel homemade Sfogliatelli have something extra: they’re realised with stone-ground flour, so that you can enjoy the rural taste of full-bodied and crispy wholemeal flour. Sfogliatelli are so tasty that will soon become your favourite snack: every moment of the day is perfect for indulging an appetizing break. Discover them as the basis for enriching your recipes, as substitutes for bread at the dinner table or for enriching your aperitif turning it into an involving happy hour with your friends.