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  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) THE “FAVOLETTE” WITH CASTER SUGAR 200 g CRADEL

    A rural and feisty taste.

    Cradel “Favolette” are special baked Bugie sprinkled with inviting caster sugar. With their rural and feisty taste, “Favolette” are light and crisp. We decided not to fry Bugie in order to offer a healthy and low-fat product. Cradel “Favolette” are ideal for cheerfully spending a break. The shower of sugar sprinkling their surface makes them the favourite ones by children… but by adults too.


    Passion flavour.

    Cherry Tart is a real delicacy. Although it’s so simple, it has all characteristics to be considered a first-class sweet. It looks tempting; the alternation of golden-brown shortcrust pastry and the deep red of filling gives it a regal appearance. Its fragrance reminds of that of fresh-baked sweet. Its flavour is strong and tasty, you can feel in your mouth the fragrance of shortcrust pastry with a sweet note of filling. Considering that it’s a simple product, realised with few and sorted ingredients, you can eat it in every waking moment.


    Sweet and crisp home-made speciality.

    A friable base enriched with powdered cinnamon for giving a marked taste, a soft core resulting from an apple filling and a funny and irregular covering of crispy crumbles; everything is produced with fresh butter. All this is Cradel Apple and Cinnamon Crumble Tart. This delicacy find a place in the elegant Cradel box, ideal for an informal and spontaneous present.


    Pure butter for a gourmand cookie.

    If you carefully sort raw materials, you’ll realise perfect recipes: they will be gourmand, balanced and natural. We create like this our Cradel Butter Cookies pure butter, gourmand bagels based on a fragrant and sweet-smelling cookie, with a full and satisfying taste. For the preparation of mix we don’t add anything else, only few and sorted ingredients. Butter Cookies are ideal to pair with a cup of tea and make delightfully gourmand your afternoon break.

  • “MELIGHE” 300 g CRADEL

    Gourmand cookies typical of Piedmont.

    Cradel “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are traditional, rural and natural. They’re produced with corn flour which has been little milled and smelled butter and are an excellent dessert. Try to dip them in wine, like old-time farmers did. Sweet-smelling and fragrant, “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are hard to resist.
    You’ll never find food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil in our “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries), as we only employ few sorted ingredients; that’s why they’re appreciated whether by those who want to satisfy their gluttony, or by those who want only eat natural and simple products.


    Thick, fragrant and delicious.

    Cradel Rusks are so tasty that won the recognition “Le più buone d’Italia”(“The tastiest in Italy”) of GAMBERO ROSSO (Gambero Rosso S.p.A. is an Italian publishing house specialist in food&wine by means of publication of guides,broadcasts,training,a monthly magazine and several movable applications). They won thanks to their authenticity. The list of ingredients is really short; this is shown by taste and fragrancy of the product. We have also been awarded for handicraft production; you can notice this further aspect at first sight.Our Rusks have a compact mix and a dark surface: these two characteristics make you think it’s about a home-made product. You can feel how crisp they are.Their taste is a surprise: the golden-brown internal looks tasty and savoury.

  • GALLETTE AL LATTE (Milk “Gallette”) 350 g CRADEL

    Big cookies to dip for an energizing breakfast.

    We get the best recipes from Piedmontese tradition. We couldn’t not repeat as faithfully as possible the recipe of “Galletta al Latte”. “Galletta Cradel” is a cookie of important dimensions and was created to bring energy during your breakfast. Its fate is to be dipped. “Galletta al Latte Cradel” is chosen by the most delicate tastes-lovers. The sugar covering is intriguing; a little whim that will turn into astonishing flavour when you’ll taste it. “Galletta al Latte” is sweet, but not excessively; it is well-balanced. That’s why it’s warmly received by consumers.


    Soft and fragrant, they’re excellent for a good awaking.

    Shortbread are cookies with a butter heart. We were bound to combine this precious ingredient and other top-quality ingredients. We realise Cradel Shortbread with excellent raw materials, without intrusion of food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil. Their taste is the tangible proof of authenticity of our Shortbread: when you taste them, you’ll recognise the softness of butter, its sweet and flavoured style and you’ll be pleasantly amazed by the crumbliness of the cookie.


    Cradel Bi-Rusks, namely a single dose package. At the cafe like home, for your perfect, tasty and healthy breakfast. The single dose package is the guardian of the whole fragrance and crispness of Rusks, which are tasty like they were fresh-baked. The range of Cradel single dose packages is rich and varied, so that you can get a tasty breakfast and a fancy freak at any moment. Cradel single dose packages are small and comfy, perfect to be carried in your bag or pack.

  • CLASSIC SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers) 250 G CRADEL

    Crispy salty squares for delicious breaks.

    What contributes to improve the atmosphere at the dinner table? A savoury and appetizing newness, which is really hard to resist. Cradel Sfogliatelli are crackers you wouldn’t expect: homemade and savoury, they’re perfect for substituting bread or to be paired with a delicious appetizer. Thick and friable crispbread, they’re so tasty even if you eat only them. For creating them we’ve done nothing but combine our wish to create a salty baked product and our ability to bring out homemade, tasty and friable specialties. The selection of ingredients is always precise; you can find all our good habits in New Cradel Sfogliatelli.

  • NON-FRIED BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) WITH ICING SUGAR 200 g CRADEL

    Delicate delicacy.

    Confectionery specialty typical of carnival period, Bugie are a nationwide well-known and widespread sweet. Not for nothing it is called “sweet with a thousand names”. We from Cradel propose decided to bake and dust Bugie with icing sugar. Our Non-Fried Bugie are tasty and crispy, but lighter than the traditional ones. Cradel Non-Fried Bugie are very light, have a great appearance and a stirring fragrance.


    Temptation flavour.

    Processing of shortcrust pastry of Homemade Tart considers few and simple ingredients and stages.
    We from Cradel wanted pair this precious mix with a simple and innovative at the same time product: lemon filling. The result is excellent. The mix with its strong flavour finds its balance with the fresh savour of lemon. Amaze your guests with Cradel Lemon Homemade Tart.


    Sweetest and crispy temptation.

    Crisp shortcrust pastry crumbs, based only on butter and placed on a Tart, filled with pears and delicious dark chocolate-chip. The base consists on friable, fragrant and delicate shortcrust pastry. We from Cradel don’t keep secrets: for making good sweets we carefully select ingredients and then we traditionally process them. We package the Tart as soon as the hot heat of the oven has dissolve, so that it preserves its whole savour and its tempting fragrance. This is how we get the best results: with simplicity. Cradel Pear and Chocolate Crumble Tart is package in an elegant gift bag.


    Astonishing gluttony in cookie-style.

    What can make Butter Cookies even tastier? They’re sweet-smelling and fragrant, soft in your mouth with that gourmand butter sweetness spreading throughout your taste. We from Cradel found the answer: caramel. So, we devised the wonderful Caramelized Butter Cookies with cinnamon-aroma, a gluttony hard to resist with an astonishing taste. Caramelized sugar, cinnamon and butter get on with each other like a house on fire in a single mix. Cradle Caramelized Butter Cookies are great for pairing a good cup of coffee. Always keep them with you if you want to be tempted sometimes all day long.


    ”Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are gourmand cookies typical of Piedmont based on butter and cornmeal.

    Starting from the typical recipe of rural Piedmont, we propose crisp and sweet-smelling “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries).
    It’s about cookies based on cornmeal and butter. The key to taking them out of the oven at best, is to start from the original recipe. Butter and slightly-processed cornmeal. Housewives used just this, and we from Cradel do the same thing. Corn started as poor ingredient, now, however, whetted the interest thanks to its rustic flavour and its versatility in using it.