Biscotti Tegolette alla Nocciola Cradel
  • Biscotti Tegolette alla Nocciola Cradel


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Crisp hazelnut-flavoured lightness.

Cradel “Tegolette” with hazelnuts are your irresistible temptation a cloud of crisp and sweet-smelling cookie, which is characterized by the intense flavour of the toasted hazelnut.
We revisit the traditional “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”) by our own Cradel recip and we further enrich them with grain hazelnuts. This creates a sublime pastry, which is light, but with a a full and appetizing flavor. You can consume Cradel Hazelnut “Tegolette” on any occasion, they’re tasty whether alone or paired with hot drinks or creamy sweets. You can use them for optimizing your desserts, it’ll be a hit!

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Imagine the powerful taste of toasted hazelnuts, imagine the crisp consistency of a crumbly candy, imagine a wafer-thin cookie as garniture on your favourite dessert. We’ve already imagined all of that long time ago, repeating an only special recipe: Cradel Hazelnut “Tegolette”.
We started with the traditional recipe of “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”), the same used by housewives. We made certain changes in this recipe and we devised our Cradel “Tegolette”, savoury and crisp cookies. In order to satisfy the most glutton customers, we prepared an even tastier recipe: Hazelnut “Tegolette”.
The success of our products depends on two significant factors, that are a matter of concern: the selection of raw materials and the kind of working.
The recipe of “Tegolette” considers only few ingredients: flour, sugar, egg white, hazelnuts and few others. They’re all purchased from selected suppliers. We don’t add food colouring, preservatives, neither hydrogenated fats to the mixture.
Cookies processing is partially still manual: by taking part in each stage of the process we are able to supervise the success of the product. The appearance of our crisp “Tegolette” is really appetizing. The packaging occurs as soon as the hot heat of the oven has dissolved; in this way Hazelnut “Tegolette” preserve in their package heady aroma of biscuit and toasted hazelnut.
Needless to say how the flavour is enthralling: the crisp cookie with toasted hazelnut is a marriage of tastes that are perfectly amalgamate, where each aromatic flavour finds its proper place as delight to the taste.
Cradel Hazelnut “Tegolette”are perfect for a gourmand, but light snack. They perfectly pair hot drinks as well as the tea; try them with spreadable cream
Cradel Hazelnut “Tegolette” have a place of honour in your desserts: use them as garniture on spoon desserts, fruit salads, ice cream sundaes, cakes and everything your fantasy in cooking proposes.

Data sheet

528 kcal/2206 Kj
30.4 g
of which saturates
12.3 g
55.5 g
of which sugars
27.4 g
1.5 g
7.4 g
0.006 g