Le Righelle Classic 250 g Cradel
  • Le Righelle Classic 250 g Cradel


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Delicate biscuits with a simple taste and the scent of home.

The Righelle Classiche Cradel are born from the desire to produce a delicate biscuit with an intense flavor.

For this we have chosen only high quality raw materials: from stone mill flour produced with the grains of our province to Italian butter. The skilful mixing of these carefully selected ingredients gives life to a soft dough that allows us to create our Classic Righelle in simplicity.

Perfect to be consumed at the end of a meal, accompanied by your favorite hot drink, they can also be used to enhance your desserts. The Cradel Classic Righelle will always be a hit!

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The Righelle Classiche Cradel are the memory of the biscuits prepared with the grandmother in the kitchen on Sundays.

Simple ingredients such as stone-milled flour, butter, eggs and a little oil mixed wisely and with patience to create a perfect fusion of aromas, fragrances and textures.

We have chosen to use only selected raw materials such as stone mill flour, purchased from trusted mills, and Italian butter to make the Righelle Classiche Cradel crumbly and tasty on the palate.

As with all our products we do not add preservatives, dyes, hydrogen fats or palm oil, simplicity is our first ingredient.

The processing and packaging of the Righelle is still partially done by hand and this allows us to carefully check the product we want to bring to your tables.

The Righelle Classiche are excellent at any time of the day. To soak in the morning at breakfast, to indulge in a special coffee break or a tasty snack and to offer as a delicious but simple end of a meal to your family and guests.

We want to make you happy but also the environment! For this we use a "green" wrapping, which can be disposed of in the paper.

Data sheet

486 kcal/2037 Kj
22,39 g
of which saturates
12,66 g
61,67 g
of which sugars
16.6 g
7,03 g
0.54 g
Wheat, Butter, Egg