Bugie Ciliegia Cradel
  • Bugie Ciliegia Cradel

BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH CHERRY 250 g CRADEL

Gourmand filling for the typical sweet of Carnival.

Realising sweets and filling them with cherries is surely a tie breaker. We from Cradel don’t miss an opportunity to embellish our Bugie with soft Cherry-filling. The result obtained is astonishing: a delicacy with an intense and sweet flavour, with soft filling spreading in your mouth. The only wisdom we suggest is to serve a large portion of Cradel Cherry-Filled Bugie, as you can’t eat just one.

Seasonal delicacy available from December to March

Cradel Cherry-Filled Bugie are characterized by a sweet and nostalgic taste.
Cherry-filling is typical of homemade filled bugie.
We from Cradel wanted restarting from traditional preparation and repurpose our lightnened recipe of Cherry Bugie.
A mix accurately prepared, perfectly cooked and filled with a good fruit-filling. The secret of Cradel Filled Bugie is all here.
We don’t add food-colouring, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil, because we want a simple product. Artisanship is the secret marking all Cradel products. You’ll notice it thanks to their rural and inviting appearance.
For frying bugie we only employ top-quality sunflower oil, and we perfectly fry them: Cradel Bugie are golden-brown, friable and light.
For filling them we employ a filling with a good proportion of fruit, so that you’ll feel the whole flavour when you’ll taste them. We decided to fill Bugie only after frying, in order to avoid damaging softness and flavour of the filling. If we filled them before frying, the quality of filling would be damaged. The wisdom of filling Bugie only after cooking makes Cradel Filled Bugie a special delicacy. When you’ll taste them you’ll be pervaded by the fragrance of puff pastry and stricken by soft freshness of gourmand and flavoured filling.
Cradel Cherry-Filled Bugie can be eaten for breakfast, at the end of the meal or as a delicious afternoon snack.


Data sheet

365 kcal/1536 Kj
13 g
of which saturates
6.5 g
60 g
of which sugars
19 g
4 g
0.2 g