Butter Cookies al Burro Cradel
  • Butter Cookies al Burro Cradel


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Pure butter for a gourmand cookie.

If you carefully sort raw materials, you’ll realise perfect recipes: they will be gourmand, balanced and natural. We create like this our Cradel Butter Cookies pure butter, gourmand bagels based on a fragrant and sweet-smelling cookie, with a full and satisfying taste. For the preparation of mix we don’t add anything else, only few and sorted ingredients. Butter Cookies are ideal to pair with a cup of tea and make delightfully gourmand your afternoon break.

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Few simple ingredients. This is what characterize raw material of tasty Cradel Butter Cookies pure butter.
This fantastic raw material (flour and few other ingredients) fomrs the basic mix, and this is all we need to make cookies. With simplicity you can get the best results. We don’t add food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil in our cookies. We from Cradel proudly pursue the value of purity.
Cradel Butter Cookies Cradel are simple, fragrant, tasty-looking and its flavour is full and soft. We can realise them so tasty thanks to processing which still considers some manual stages. In this way we can supervise and run each stage, and the final result is perfect: sweet-smelling, fragrant and tasty cookies. The home-made processing of cookies ensures that Cradel Butter Cookie is pure and genuine from appearance to taste. All our products are mouth-watering, because they shroud you in the fragrance of the fresh-baked product. Our bagel-shaped cookies wink your taste, tempt you to taste them, and are really hard to resist.
Cradel Butter Cookies are excellent to pair with a good cup of tea. You can choose the classic infusion or other more intriguing flavoured blends. Pure butter cookie perfectly matches with every flavour. Believe it, you’ll desire savour another bit, and another more and you’ll be more and more involved in this turmoil of pleasure. This is the perfect break, leisurely eaten, in order to optimize each moment.
Cradel Butter Cookies pure butter dwell in a fancy and elegant box, they’re perfect to be offered when you want to gift something genuine with a lively and enthralling taste.

Data sheet

420 kcal/1773 Kj
8.9 g
of which saturates
5.8 g
77.3 g
of which sugars
16.6 g
5.9 g
0.2 g