Crostata alle Ciliegie in astuccio Cradel
  • Crostata alle Ciliegie in astuccio Cradel


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Passion flavour.

Cherry Tart is a real delicacy. Although it’s so simple, it has all characteristics to be considered a first-class sweet. It looks tempting; the alternation of golden-brown shortcrust pastry and the deep red of filling gives it a regal appearance. Its fragrance reminds of that of fresh-baked sweet. Its flavour is strong and tasty, you can feel in your mouth the fragrance of shortcrust pastry with a sweet note of filling. Considering that it’s a simple product, realised with few and sorted ingredients, you can eat it in every waking moment.

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The best bed for our filling has always been the tart.
However, the tart can’t be an ordinary tart, or else we lose the enchantment of this idyllic meeting: the relation is working when a sweet filling is bound with a simple, but tasty, Home-made Tart.
We from Cradel like make things right, we absolutely don’t want to oppose this inseparable meeting.
That’s why we selected an excellent filling and we employed it for stuffing the Homemade Tart, whose recipe comes from patisserie. Even the processing still considers some manual stages
and a tart by tart check, in order to assure that every single product is like we want.
The packaging occurs as soon as the hot heat of the oven has dissolved. You’ll notice it by opening the packaging, because the fragrance doesn’t lie: if it is mouth-watering, that means you’re holding a carefully prepared good product.
The mix considers only few and simple products.
We don’t add food colouring, preservatives or hydrogenated fats
Cradel Cherry Homemade Tart is optimal for breakfast, for a tasty snack, for your break coffees, r at the edn of the meal.

Data sheet

429 kcal/1801 Kj
17.3 g
of which saturates
8.1 g
63 g
of which sugars
32.9 g
3.6 g
0.2 g