Fette Biscottate Senza Zucchero Cradel
  • Fette Biscottate Senza Zucchero Cradel


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For a snack, or for a light and pleasant breakfast.

By preparing Sugar-free Rusks we became skilful mathematicians: the recipe of Cradel Sugar-free Rusks originates from subtraction! We subtracted sugar from our Rural Rusks’ recipe. Subtracted and not replaced. This means that we didn’t add any other kind of sugar substitute. We eliminated the sweet part of a natural recipe, realized with few simple ingredients, so that our Sugar-free Rusks can be eaten by those who want to limit their intake of sugar.

Prodotto disponibile, ordinalo subito.

Cradel Sugar-free Rusks are a proper revelation. Generally, when we talk about Rusk, we think to breakfast, at most to afternoon snack. They pair with a cold or hot drink: classical tea, coffee and milk, as well as lovely squash, fruit juice and juice.

Cradel Sugar-free Rusks involve a change of scenery. Our recipe, as usual simple and delicate, considers the exclusion of sugar from ingredients. Thanks to its crisp consistency, our Sugar-free Rusk can be easily eaten as if it were a bruschetta (toasted bread seasoned with oil and garlic and often diced tomatoes).

Our Sugar-free Rusk is excellent for realising all your favourite recipes. Try it with flavoured sauces for bruschetta (toasted bread seasoned with oil and garlic and often diced tomatoes), with sausages or simply with salt and oil. You can offer them during the aperitif, or as appetizer during a merry and convivial meeting. They fit a good savoury snack. With Sugar-free Rusks you can choose between taking up savoury, or being true to tradition and eat them sweet: Sugar-free Rusks are fully versatile and perfect in any occasion. We from Cradel invented precisely to offer a widely usable product.

The preparation of Sugar-free Rusks starts from the original recipe, just like our Rural Rusks.

We started from the ancient recipe of biscôit, which was jealously kept by family’s bakery and unused for a long time. The incentive came from friends of “Quintino Sella” hut, that first requested us our Cradel Rusks.

The product processing goes on several manual stages: we manually roll out the dough of each rusk on the baking pan before toasting them. The selection of ingredients follows our principles of simplicity and authenticity: there’s no food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil. Cradel Sugar-free Rusks are the emblem of simplicity.

Data sheet

429 kcal/1810 Kj
10.69 g
of which saturates
1.35 g
70.20 g
of which sugars
- di 0.5 g
3.3 g
10.51 g
0.56 g