Frollini con gocce di cioccolato Cradel
  • Frollini con gocce di cioccolato Cradel


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Your gourmand moment.

we tell the story of Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip: “Once upon a time, a soft mix based on butter was resting in the cookie factory, when suddenly was attracted by a swarm of little and smiling chocolate-chip. The union of shortbread and chocolate-chip so astonishing that always reoccurs by now, in order to realise our Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip.”

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Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip tell the combination of shortbread and chocolate-chip. They’re a cornerstone of the range of Cradel cookies, because we like to offer appetizing and natural products.

We know that a shortbread with chocolate-chip is really gourmand when you can clearly fell the taste of shortbread and the crunchy consistency of chocolate-chip, so we selected the best ingredients for getting this result.

In every bite of Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip, the aromatic taste of butter will spread throughout your mouth and the outbreak of chocolate-chip will suddenly get involved.

Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip are so tasty that it’s almost a pity to devote them only to morning breakfast. Try them as dessert. They’re great for children afternoon snack too. By processing these few top-quality ingredients skilfully, we take excellent cookies out of the oven.

Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip are first-rate because their preparation considers several manual stages; we remained artisans, like we used ages ago. The precise selection of ingredients is an extra merit, and strengthens the tradition.

Arrange our Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip in grandma’s cookie can and leave them in a crossing point of the house: they’ll be a temptation for the whole family. You’ll just have to make sure you always have a stock.

Data sheet

420 kcal/1773 Kj
8.9 g
of which saturates
5.8 g
77.3 g
of which sugars
16.6 g
5.9 g
0.2 g