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A sweet temptation.

Sweet, colorful, fragrant and with a particular shape: Apricot Frolline Cradel are soft and crumbly, completely handmade in an artisanal way. We use few selected ingredients because we are lovers of genuine products. The filling of our Apricot Frolline has a much higher percentage of fruit puree; moreover, in preparing them we do not add preservatives, dyes or hydrogenated fats. Once you open the package you are intoxicated by their sweet and rich flavor!

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There is nothing more pleasant than a coffee break, a snack or a sweet morning awakening with the company of Apricot Frolline Cradel. The moment you open the package you will discover the intense aroma of the apricot fruit puree and the sweet aromatic notes of the thin shortcrust pastry.

The processing of Frolline Cradel is entirely handmade in an artisanal way. We prepare it using only a few simple ingredients without adding preservatives, dyes or hydrogenated fats and also the Apricot filling has a high percentage of fruit puree. A simple recipe combined with the peculiarity of the shape of Frolline Cradel, characterized by soft and fragrant shortcrust pastry, which becomes the perfect base for making a fragrant and tasty dessert, just as if it were homemade. Apricot Frolline Cradel are perfect at any time of the day. They are a sweet temptation: you will hardly be satisfied with just eating only one.

Data sheet

351 kcal/1466 Kj
11.0 g
of which saturates
5.8 g
59.0 g
of which sugars
39.0 g
2.8 g
0.10 g