CLASSIC SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers) 250 G CRADEL

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Crispy salty squares for delicious breaks.

What contributes to improve the atmosphere at the dinner table? A savoury and appetizing newness, which is really hard to resist. Cradel Sfogliatelli are crackers you wouldn’t expect: homemade and savoury, they’re perfect for substituting bread or to be paired with a delicious appetizer. Thick and friable crispbread, they’re so tasty even if you eat only them. For creating them we’ve done nothing but combine our wish to create a salty baked product and our ability to bring out homemade, tasty and friable specialties. The selection of ingredients is always precise; you can find all our good habits in New Cradel Sfogliatelli.

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If the word “cracker” makes you think of little pressed sheets, divisible into two squares, that means you still don’t know Cradel Sfogliatelli; big crispy, delicious and homemade square crackers. Classical Sfogliatelli are the new Cradel salty product you absolutely have to taste: you’ll immediately fall in love with them. Look for the box shaped like bread basket and you’ll find our new salty specialty.

Every single Cradel cracker is a rural square and look very tempting: their irregular shape is proof that we make them by hand.
Golden-brown little squares looking fresh-baked product will cheer your dinner table. When you’ll serve them, you’ll have to face only one inconvenience: they will be sold like hot cakes! For remedying this inconvenience, there’s nothing you can do but keep a big stock of Cradel Classical Sfogliatelli.

Their taste is really a surprise: the intense savour of Sfogliatelli has nothing to do with any other cracker. Our crispbread is savoury by itself. It will be amazing if you pair it with other culinary specialties for the aperitif or as starter. You can pair Cradel Sfogliatelli with all your favourite ingredients. Have fun discovering new combination of flavours and serve every day on the dinner table a new astonishing dish: it’s easy with Cradel Sfogliatelli as basis of your recipes. Only at Cradel home simplicity is so appetizing!

A simple dough, realised only with sunflower oil, sorted flour, salt, honey and yeast; everything else it’s merit of our fondness for bakery products. With a simple dough we create appetizing crackers: big crispy and rural squares sheets.

We don’t add preservatives, food-colouring, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil to our dough, just because Sfogliatelli don’t need, as they’re good like that!

Like all Cradel products, Sfogliatelli are an irresistible temptation, a funny starter conquering your taste. They’re good alone, and excellent as a substitute for bread or as basis for a merry happy hour with friends.

You just have to taste them and let you to be conquered by this simple delicacy, the salty newness from Cradel home.

Data sheet

485 kcal/2046 Kj
17.37 g
of which saturates
1.82 g
69.15 g
of which sugars
2.6 g
3.4 g
8.51 g
2 g