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Rural and salty delicacy suited for your every delicious break.

The salty arrives at Cradel home! Wholemeal Sfogliatelli are a real newness: very first salty bakery products, healthy and delicious like all other Cradel products. Cradel homemade Sfogliatelli have something extra: they’re realised with stone-ground flour, so that you can enjoy the rural taste of full-bodied and crispy wholemeal flour. Sfogliatelli are so tasty that will soon become your favourite snack: every moment of the day is perfect for indulging an appetizing break. Discover them as the basis for enriching your recipes, as substitutes for bread at the dinner table or for enriching your aperitif turning it into an involving happy hour with your friends.

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For wholemeal savour lovers, we propose a delicious newness: Cradel Wholemeal Sfogliatelli, friable sheets with a rural appearance and a healthy savour. Our big crackers are handcraft realised and look nothing like crackers you’ve eaten so far. Homemade Cradel crackers are bigger, crispier and tastier, and they’re a concentrate of excellence.

Rural taste of Cradel Wholemeal Sfogliatelli will conquer you at the first shot. Choose them for your fragrant break full of savour, which is light and healthy at the same time. Crackers are mainly selected as snack, to be eaten alone or for pairing aperitifs. In fact, they’re excellent as appetizers, but why just eat them between meals? There really are many opportunities to savour Cradel Wholemeal Sfogliatelli: discover the different combination of flavours and let yourself being astonished by the lively taste of wholemeal sheet exalting all ingredients it is paired with. They’re excellent for realising delicious tartines. Cradel Wholemeal Sfogliatelli are also ideal for pairing velouté and soups, simple preparations of rural tradition, which are turned into delicious gourmet courses thanks to the crispy and structured element of our crispbread. It doesn’t take much to make your dishes appetizing; let yourself be inspired by Cradel Wholemeal Sfogliatelli.

Each little square contains the whole authenticity of wholemeal stone-ground flour; you can get our tastiest wholemeal homemade crackers simply joining a little bit of sunflower oil, salt, honey, and yeast.

We from Cradel have always loved healthy and pure tastes, that’s why we don’t add preservatives, food-colouring, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil to our products. The list of what is not there exceeds the list of ingredients and this says a lot about the quality of our bakery products.

The packaging of Cradel Wholemeal Sfogliatelli is evocative: it represents the wicker basket for bread in order to remind you to serve them as substitutes for bread.
They’re simple in the selection of ingredients and in the preparation, but their taste and their consistency are real rich and astonishing. We wondered what could complete our range of bakery products and the answer was immediately clear: a salty delicacy!

Data sheet

469 kcal/2068 Kj
18.05 g
of which saturates
1.43 g
62.25 g
of which sugars
2.31 g
6.5 g
7.61 g
2 g