Biscotti Tegolette Classiche Cradel
  • Biscotti Tegolette Classiche Cradel

TEGOLETTE CLASSICHE (Classic “Tegolette”) 200 g CRADEL

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Wafer-thin temptations for garnish your favourite sweets.

”Tegolette Cradel” rely on the traditional recipe of Piedmontese “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”), the characteristic cookies for garnish ice cream sundaes.
With “Tegolette Cradel” you can rediscover the flavour of simplicity: we employ a few ingredients of the highest quality; that’s all we need to get tasty cookies.
Serve “Tegolette” Cradel paired with gourmand zabaglione (dessert made of whipped egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine) if you want to delightfully astonish your guests. “Tegoletta” Cradel can be fully-fledged deemed a confectionary

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The recipe of “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”) was our muse for the realization of our flavourful Classic “Tegolette”.
A cloud of crisp biscuit, it is perfect for garniture on sweets and drinks; when you eat just it, it gifts an astonishing amount of pleasure.
Wafer-thin, Classic “Tegolette” suit completely the garniture of dessert with spoon, ice cream sundaes, fresh fruit salad, delicate creams and sweet-smelling hot drinks.
”Tegolette” are really a nice addition to all desserts. There are many opportunities to taste “Tegolette”.
Go wild devising new couplings, looking for astonishing flavours.
Have you ever thought about using “Tegolette” as garniture of cakes? You can employ them as decoration on the central portion, or as trimming all around the cake.

We only employ a few selected ingredients to realise our “Tegolette”: flour, sugar, egg white and few others ingredients. When in a recipe there are so few ingredients, they must compulsory be of the highest quality. Colour, flavour, fragrance and consistency depend mainly on the choice of ingredients and, secondly, on the execution of the recipe. We carefully select row materials we need; the selection is very severe precisely because we aim to the excellence. That’s why all our suppliers are sorted and certified.
When you savour a Classic “Tegoletta”, you immediately realise that it’s about a product of the highest quality.
We operatively take part in certain stages of the production. We take care to whip the mixture and to make to shape cookies before the mixture goes flat. This step and, then, the baking, are the most delicate stages. If the mixture isn’t whipped, cookie wont’ became crisp; if we get the baking wrong, we will damage the taste of the “Tegoletta”. By defending personally each stage of the production, we are able to achieve traditional, crumbly and sweet-smelling pastry.
They have a full and soft flavour, and we are truly proud of our Cradel Classic “Tegolette”.

Data sheet

514 kcal/2149 Kj
27 g
of which saturates
13.1 g
60.4 g
of which sugars
29.7 g
0.8 g
0.004 g