Bugie Mela Cradel
  • Bugie Mela Cradel

BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH APPLE 250 g CRADEL

Gourmand filling for the traditional Carnival sweet.

Filled Bugie can’t miss in any house during Carnival period. Our wish to always find new tastes suggested us to play with filings in order to renovate the recipe of Cradel Filled Bugie but preserving all good qualities of our preparation: crumbliness and perfect golden-brown colour. Which filling is better fit than apple to become a soft filling? Why we don’t make it play a fundamental role for Cardel Filled Bugie too? With apple-filling, Bugie are sweet and succulent; a delicacy that everyone likes.

Seasonal delicacy available from December to March

A crispy puff pastry and a soft, fragrant and savoury filling: this is what characterizes Cradel Filled Bugie . Apple-filling makes them even tastier. Apple is a fresh and juicy fruit. If you employ it as filling of a golden-brown and friable Bugia, you’ll get a sweet hard to resist, incredibly good for its simplicity.

Cradel Filled Bugie are very light and digestible. The key is frying Bugie with top-quality sunflower oil and filling then only after cooking. This isn’t only an organisational choice, but also a matter of style and taste. If you fill Bugie when they’re already cooked, you’ll get a soft and savoury filling and you’ll preserve all sensory properties of fruit-filling, which remains fresh, soft and juicy.

We don’t add food-colouring, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil in our Filled Bugie . We from Cradel aim to take again simplicity in all our recipes. From selection of raw materials, to working procedures, we try to remain as faithful as possible to traditional procedure. We from Cradel started our history precisely with Bugie, the typical sweet of Carnival.

We realise Filled Bugie with several fruit- and cream-filling. Apple-Filled Bugie are an astonishing surprise: innovative and traditional at the same time. Apple-Filled Bugie are soft, sweet and very tasty.

Everybody likes Cradel Apple-Filled Bugie , so don’t fail to serve them on party buffets.
With excellent Cradel Apple-Filled Bugie and your fantasy, you’ll always be ready for welcoming your guests.


Data sheet

365 kcal/ 1536 Kj
13 g
of which saturates
6.5 g
of which sugars
19 g
4 g
0.2 g