Bugie Crema Pasticcera Cradel
  • Bugie Crema Pasticcera Cradel

BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH CUSTARD 250 g CRADEL

Winky and inviting sweet for Carnival.

Fresh and delicate, custard is the most gourmand and valued garnish for sweets. Cradel Bugie were born to satisfy the most glutton tastes; creaminess and enveloping flavour conquer everyone since the first bite. Cradel Bugia is golden-brown and light, great for hosting delicate custard-filling. Cradel Bugie with Custard-filling are great in every moment. You can eat them for breakfast if you want to start energetically your day, or you can allow yourself aa gourmand break when you need to unwind.

Seasonal delicacy available from December to March

Carnival Bugie and custard-filling: two Classics meeting together and creating a single product: gourmand, tempting and scented Cradel Filled Bugie.
Bugie with Custard-filling are highly tempting. They look so inviting thanks to a masterly processing. We from Cradel are good experts in filled bugie: our history precisely started kneading bugie.

We started from confectionary recipe of bugie for realising our recipe. We don’t add food-colouring, hydrogenated fats neither palm oil in our products. This accurate selection of ingredients influences the quality of the product. Every single detail is important for us, we don’t leave anything to chance.

We focus everything on lightness: our recipe allows us to realize light and digestible filled bugie.
Once the mix is ready, we deal with frying, the most important stage of the recipe. We only employ top-quality sunflower oil, because is the most suitable: it can fry the surface until golden-brown. Oil temperature and cooking time are very important, and we from Cradel are great experts in this. Our bugie are golden-brown, fragrant, and friable.

For filling bugie we choose an excellent custard. We from Cradel fill bugie after cooking in order to avoid damaging the quality of custard; this way the heart of Cradel Bugie remains soft and gourmand.

Everyone likes Cradel Bugie with Custard-filling, because they’re ideal at any time of the day. For breakfast they’re a great alternative to the croissant, during tea-time they’re a funny snack and they’r so gourmand at the end of the meal.


Data sheet

386 kcal/1620 Kj
17.5 g
of which saturates
8.5 g
52 g
of which sugars
15 g
5 g
0.2 g