Strawberry filled Bugie 250 g
  • Strawberry filled Bugie 250 g

BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH STRAWBERRY 250 g CRADEL

Funny and coloured filling astonishing on every bite

Could we select a better filling than that with berries for our Carnival Bugie ? Cradel Bugie filled with Strawberry are even better, thanks to the filling occurring after baking. This way, the heat of boiling oil doesn’t damage sensory properties of the filling, which remains fresh and soft. The acidulous, full-bodied and sweet flavour of fruit filling will cuddle your taste, while the aromatic savour of Bugia will arouse your senses.

Seasonal delicacy available from December to March

There’s no joyful Carnival without Bugie . We from Cradel are good experts in preparing Bugie, because we are inspired by technique of the best pastry chefs and repeat their recipe much as possible. Bugie are perfect if they’re golden-brown and friable. We can get light and digestible Bugie, because we work with the utmost care. We long looked for a right balance for realising perfect Bugie . Today Cradel Bugie meet all our expectations. Right amounts, checked processing, good fruit-filling and sunflower oil for frying create a product that we’re proud of: Cradel Filled Bugie with Strawberry.


We don’t add food-colouring, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil to our mixture. We love simple and natural flavours.

Let yourself be conquered by temptation of Cradel Filled Bugie: they’re light precisely in order to make you lavish with portions.

Friable and sweet-smelling Bugia (sweet biscuit for carnival) takes care of soft fruity filling. Filled Bugie are precious delicacies hard to resist.

Cradel Bugie filling consists in a gourmand filling of strawberry which get noticed thanks to acidulous note towering above the intense and sweet taste.

In order to preserve sensory properties of filling, Bugie are filled only after baking. This way the filling doesn’t cook and keeps its freshness and its taste.

A good filling should have a worthy covering in order to do its very best. Cradel Bugie are perfect: they’re golden-brown and fragrant, and not oil-soaked.

Cradel Bugie are ideal for delighting an afternoon of partying. Children are glutton for them, and for adults they’re hard to resist. You just have to serve a generous portion, keeping a piece for you: Cradel Bugie with Strawberry-filling sell like hot cakes so fast that you run the risk of being left without even a little piece.


Data sheet

365 kcal/1536 Kj
13 g
of which saturates
6.5 g
60 g
of which sugars
19 g
4 g
0.2 g