Bugie Gianduia Cradel
  • Bugie Gianduia Cradel

BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH GIANDUIA (Piedmontese nut chocolate) 250 g CRADEL

Gourmand speciality nut- and chocolate-flavoured.

Chocolate and nuts: gianduia flavour is the result of meeting between this two excellent ingredients. Sweetness balance of gianduia cream is really excellent. We from Cradel employed this delicacy for garnishing our fragrant Filled Bugie, a bundle of gluttony. Let yourself be tempted by Gianduia-Filled Bugie: they’re ideal for a glutton snack, or as pairing for coffee break. They unite old and young: when you serve them it’s a party.

Seasonal delicacy available from December to March

Carninval is the favourite feast of children. We from Cradel devoted our Gianduia-Filled Bugie precisely to children. So, we decided to fill our Cradel Bugie with a cream based on nut and chocolate.
Like most traditional recipes, Gianduia were created during a period of financial straits. At the beginning of XIX century, chocolate price had become so prohibitive that pastry chefs have had to devise a way to reduce it in their recipes. All this happened in Turin, land of Savoy, where it was unacceptable to give up sweet habit of tasting chocolate desserts. Savoury and glutton gianduia flavour was born when, for realising chocolate sweets, thay employed nuts as “alternative ingredient”.
Like all Cradel products, Filled Bugie are realised only with simple ingredients. We don’t add food-colouring, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil in our mix. Starting recipe is traditional confectionery recipe. We renewed it until we got light bugie easy to digest.
The end product looks traditional and really inviting; it has also a stirring fragrance.
For realising good Bugie you have to carefully follow two important stages: frying and filling.
For frying them we only employ top-quality sunflower oil and all our skill. We get perfectly golden-brown, dry and fragrant bugie.
We fill them only after frying, so that filling keeps its softness and gluttony.
Our Gianduia-Filled Bugie will be very appreciated by all children and adults going with them. Thankfully we don’t stop being greedy when we grow up.


Data sheet

429 kcal/1806 Kj
12. g
of which saturates
1.5 g
71. g
of which sugars
3.6 g
8. g
0.23 g