Crostata casalinga all'Albicocca Cradel
  • Crostata casalinga all'Albicocca Cradel


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A pleasant temptation.

Sweet, round, coloured, sweet-smelling: Cradel Apricot Homemade Tart is soft and friable, just like a home-cooked tart. The recipe reminds on that of grandma and the processing still considers several manual stages. We employ few and sorted ingredients, because we love healthy products. We don’t add preservatives, food-colouring or hydrogenated fats in our Apricot Tart. As soon as you open the package, you’ll be shrouded by its fragrance, and if you have a slice, you’ll surely want a second one.

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There’s nothing cosier than a fresh-baked tart smelling house.
As soon as you’ll open the package you’ll be transported in a trip of sense memory: you’ll remember grandma’s kneading hands, when you secretly dipped your fingers into the , afternoon snacks you shared with brothers and sisters and childhood friends.
Among data which are etched in memory, scents are the most intensely linked to feelings. That’s why you’ll be shrouded by fragrance of Cradel Apricot Homemade Tart; opening thee packaging of one of our tarts is like jumping into the past.
our Cradel Tart is still partially processed by hand. For its preparation we only employ few and simple ingredients, without inclusion of preservatives, food-colouring or hydrogenated fats. Simplicity always wins. In this way we get a soft and sweet-smelling shortcrust pastry, which is the perfect base for realising a fragrant and savoury tart, just like the home-cooked tart.
Apricot filling gives tart the right balance, thanks to its sweet and delicate savour.
Apricot is a fruit everyone loves.
Cradel Apricot Homemade Tart is optimal for children snack, even though we’re sure you’ll keep a piece of it for you.
Whether they’re studying for exams, or they’re having a funny day of games and adventures, give your children a snack which can satisfy their greediness and their need to charge their batteries.
Make room for your own taste: Cradel Apricot Homemade Tart is simply delicious with everything!

Data sheet

429 kcal/1801 Kj
17.3 g
of which saturates
8.1 g
63 g
of which sugars
32.9 g
3.6 g
0.2 g