Torta Crumble all'Arancio e cioccolato Cradel
  • Torta Crumble all'Arancio e cioccolato Cradel


Elegant and crispy temptation.

An expert layered structure gives rise to the delicious Cradel Orange and Chocolate Crumble Tart. At the bottom there is a friable and fragrant shortcrust pastry bed. We generously spread on the whole base the glutton orange-filling, enriched with strong flavoured peel. Everything is held by a fall of crispy shortcrust pastry crumbs and dark chocolate-chip. As soon as this delicacy comes out of the oven, it is placed in an elegant box, waiting to be served and shared with your guests.

Crumble is a play of crispy and delicious crumbs placed on a sweet and creamy layer for creating an intriguing dessert, visually lovely and astonishing for tasting. For us from Cradel, Crumble is the opportunity to offer a delicious Tart with an original savour and a tempting appearance. Our delicious crumbs are accommodated in a tasty Tart. For optimizing this mixture, simple and elegant at the same time, we chose a precious and affected recipe: the combination of orange and chocolate.
For realising Cradel crumble Tart we always start from fragrance and scented shortcrust pastry, consisting on top-quality products we buy from trusted suppliers, so we can get a special mix, optimal for realizing hard-tempting Tarts.
We spread shortcrust pastry and then we cover it with orange-filling, enriched and optimized by peels.
For completing this sweet we still only need the funniest part: the crumbs-fall, consisting only on butter enriched by dark chocolate-chip. It’s a pleasure for your eyes and your taste!
Cradel crumble Tart looks home-made; in fact, we manually spread all the crumbs. It’s really mouth-watering at the sight. The layer structure of the Tart makes it not only beautiful but manly appetizing and tasty. Consistencies alternated with the other ones gives the Tart a strong and clear-cut characteristic. In your mouth you’ll recognize every single element of Crumble Tart and enjoy every single savour.
Optimal in every waking moment: for breakfast, for your coffee break, during your afternoon snack or as dessert at the end of the meal.

Data sheet

435 kcal/1801 Kj
17.3 g
of which saturates
8.1 g
63 g
of which sugars
32.9 g
3.8 g
0.2 g