Fette Biscottate al Farro Cradel
  • Fette Biscottate al Farro Cradel


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Rural tastiness for whole meal-lovers.

We thought about personalizing our Rural Rusks recipe to offer you a tasty alternative. The good wholemeal spelt flour has been our choice. We realised the astonishing Wholemeal Spelt Rusks, perfect for those who like natural products better than refined products. We employ flour taken from a stone-milling without sifting it: this stage allows us to realise products with a special body and a stronger taste. Cradel Rusks are thick, perfect to be garnished with a generous portion of your favourite cream or marmalade.

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Wholemeal Spelt Rusks are an intriguing variation of Rural Rusks. Wholemeal spelt flour gives Rusks a flavour, a fragrance and a consistency that are completely new and astonishing. Breakfast tastes different with Wholemeal Spelt Rusks, and the day begins with an edge.

Wholemeal Spelt Rusks are great for pairing with a good mountain honey, butter, or to be garnished with a veil of seasonal fruit preserve. Cradel Rusk’s thickness is generous for a gourmand reason: to pass the bit-test with flying colours. Cradel Rusks don’t shatter, they remain compact even when you dip them, in order to to let you feel the pleasure of feeling the crunchy of wholemeal flour. Try them with yogurt and fresh-squeezed orange juice: your good morning has never been so nice!

We still prepare Cradel Rusks by hand: we manually roll out the dough of each rusk on the baking pan before toasting them. We started from the traditional recipe of biscôit, that we jealously keep for ages in the workshop of our family’ bakery. The ingredients selection is our boutonnière: we employ wholemeal flour coming from a local stone mill. The balance between white flour and wholemeal flour finds its perfect proportion in our Cradel Wholemeal Spelt Rusks; you can notice it thanks to the flavour and the fragrance of the rusk. Our flour mix joins few other ingredients; there’s no food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil in our delicious Cradel Rusks.

The incentive for realising rusks came from our friends of “Quintino Sella” hut, who requested us a tasty and healthy product to be presented at breakfast for their guests. We answered with Rural rusk, which is the immediate derivation of biscôit; it was an easy move from this recipe to the precious version with wholemeal spelt. Wholemeal spelt makes rusk rural and delicate at the same time. At Cradel home, natural goes hand in hand with good, and that goes for our Rusks too.

Data sheet

413 kcal/1736 Kj
11.40 g
of which saturates
0.94 g
64.62 g
of which sugars
8.62 g
6.53 g
9.61 g
0.51 g