Frollini con Grano Saraceno Cradel
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Rural shortbread delicacies.

Rural simplicity, Buckwheat Shortbread have a strong and aromatic taste. For the realisation of our Shortbread, we actually employ buckwheat flour coarse-grained milled from a mill from around here. We add a generous amount of it in our mix for cookies. In this way the cookie remains full-bodied and savoury, excellent for delighting any time of the day, from breakfast to break. Cradel Shortbread are lined up in their stiff package which keeps them integral and can’t wait to be tasted one-to-one. The package is transparent, so that it can tempt you at a distance...

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Buckwheat is a rare mountain ingredient which is rich and simple at the same time. It’s about a widespread element in our areas, which was notably employed in old-time frugal cooking. Thereafter, it was neglected for a long time, to the present day, when it was reconsidered: it has become again the protagonist of several sweet and salty recipes.

Buckwheat gives cookies the rural consistency typical of wholemeal products but gives and stronger and more aromatic taste. We from Cradel have chosen to employ buckwheat for the realisation of our Butter Shortbread the outcome is excellent: brown and crisp bagels, characterized by the lovely and enthralling typical savour of buckwheat. Our Shortbread recipe starts from that traditional; we only enriched the mix with dark flour.
The quality of our product mirrors the value of raw materials we employ: buckwheat flour coarse-grained milled comes from a mill from around here. The consistency of the flour is the main feature of Cradel Buckwheat Shortbread. There’s few other ingredients: our cookies are simple and don’t contain food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil.

We still process manually in several stages. The authenticity of Cradel Shortbread is clear: bagels look home-cooked biscuits and smell fresh-baked product. You can feel in your mouth the aroma and the fragrance typical of buckwheat flour, and its intriguing and coarse consistency.

Serve Cradel Buckwheat Shortbread paired with fruit juices, fresh-squeezed juices or cold tea. Buckwheat Shortbread fit everything: nobody can resist the strong and delicate at the same time taste of funny Cradel dark bagels.

Data sheet

420 kcal/1773 Kj
8.9 g
of which saturates
5.8 g
77.3 g
of which sugars
16.6 g
5.9 g
0.2 g