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  • Weight: 100g - 200g
  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) THE “FAVOLETTE” WITH CASTER SUGAR 200 g CRADEL

    A rural and feisty taste.

    Cradel “Favolette” are special baked Bugie sprinkled with inviting caster sugar. With their rural and feisty taste, “Favolette” are light and crisp. We decided not to fry Bugie in order to offer a healthy and low-fat product. Cradel “Favolette” are ideal for cheerfully spending a break. The shower of sugar sprinkling their surface makes them the favourite ones by children… but by adults too.

  • Butter Cookies al Burro Cradel
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    Pure butter for a gourmand cookie.

    If you carefully sort raw materials, you’ll realise perfect recipes: they will be gourmand, balanced and natural. We create like this our Cradel Butter Cookies pure butter, gourmand bagels based on a fragrant and sweet-smelling cookie, with a full and satisfying taste. For the preparation of mix we don’t add anything else, only few and sorted ingredients. Butter Cookies are ideal to pair with a cup of tea and make delightfully gourmand your afternoon break.

  • NON-FRIED BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) WITH ICING SUGAR 200 g CRADEL

    Delicate delicacy.

    Confectionery specialty typical of carnival period, Bugie are a nationwide well-known and widespread sweet. Not for nothing it is called “sweet with a thousand names”. We from Cradel propose decided to bake and dust Bugie with icing sugar. Our Non-Fried Bugie are tasty and crispy, but lighter than the traditional ones. Cradel Non-Fried Bugie are very light, have a great appearance and a stirring fragrance.

  • Butter Cookies alla Cannella Cradel
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    Astonishing gluttony in cookie-style.

    What can make Butter Cookies even tastier? They’re sweet-smelling and fragrant, soft in your mouth with that gourmand butter sweetness spreading throughout your taste. We from Cradel found the answer: caramel. So, we devised the wonderful Caramelized Butter Cookies with cinnamon-aroma, a gluttony hard to resist with an astonishing taste. Caramelized sugar, cinnamon and butter get on with each other like a house on fire in a single mix. Cradle Caramelized Butter Cookies are great for pairing a good cup of coffee. Always keep them with you if you want to be tempted sometimes all day long.

  • Biscotti Tegolette Classiche Cradel
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    TEGOLETTE CLASSICHE (Classic “Tegolette”) 200 g CRADEL


    Wafer-thin temptations for garnish your favourite sweets.

    ”Tegolette Cradel” rely on the traditional recipe of Piedmontese “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”), the characteristic cookies for garnish ice cream sundaes.
    With “Tegolette Cradel” you can rediscover the flavour of simplicity: we employ a few ingredients of the highest quality; that’s all we need to get tasty cookies.
    Serve “Tegolette” Cradel paired with gourmand zabaglione (dessert made of whipped egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine) if you want to delightfully astonish your guests. “Tegoletta” Cradel can be fully-fledged deemed a confectionary

  • Butter Cookies con gocce di Cioccolato Cradel
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    Funny-looking and gourmand taste.

    What if a fall of nice chocolate-chip ends up in the soft butter mix of cookies? An irresistible gluttony arises: Cradel Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate-Chip. This combination succeeds thanks to careful selection of raw materials: tasty and sweet-smelling butter meeting top-quality chocolate-chip, with a strong taste and a crisp consistency. Chocolate Butter Cookies are great for delighting any time of day. We suggest you should always purchase a large quantity because they sell like hot cakes.

  • Biscotti Tegolette alla Nocciola Cradel
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    Crisp hazelnut-flavoured lightness.

    Cradel “Tegolette” with hazelnuts are your irresistible temptation a cloud of crisp and sweet-smelling cookie, which is characterized by the intense flavour of the toasted hazelnut.
    We revisit the traditional “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”) by our own Cradel recip and we further enrich them with grain hazelnuts. This creates a sublime pastry, which is light, but with a a full and appetizing flavor. You can consume Cradel Hazelnut “Tegolette” on any occasion, they’re tasty whether alone or paired with hot drinks or creamy sweets. You can use them for optimizing your desserts, it’ll be a hit!

  • Butter Cookies ai 4 Cereali Cradel
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    Intriguing recipe with a flour mix.

    Using 4 cereals as basic ingredient is the condition of creating a palatable and fancy product.
    The well-balanced flour mix, combined with few, simple and sorted ingredients with whom we create our butter products, let us to get an astonishingly tasty product, with a soft and fragrant taste. Our 4-Cereals Butter Cookies are great for delighting breakfast, because they provide energy requirements you need to start your day.

  • Butter Cookies al Riso Cradel
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    Lightness and tastiness contained in a butter cookie.

    When wheat flour meets rice flour, they create a light and sweet-smelling mix providing the basis for the realisation of special recipes. We from Cradel employed this precious mix to realise our Rice Butter Cookies: light and fancy delicacies great for giving a pinch of light sweetness to your day. Rice Butter Cookies are great for delighting any time of day. We suggest you should always purchase a large quantity because they sell like hot cakes.