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  • Weight: 200g - 250g
  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) THE “FAVOLETTE” WITH CASTER SUGAR 200 g CRADEL

    A rural and feisty taste.

    Cradel “Favolette” are special baked Bugie sprinkled with inviting caster sugar. With their rural and feisty taste, “Favolette” are light and crisp. We decided not to fry Bugie in order to offer a healthy and low-fat product. Cradel “Favolette” are ideal for cheerfully spending a break. The shower of sugar sprinkling their surface makes them the favourite ones by children… but by adults too.

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    CLASSIC SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers) 250 G CRADEL


    Crispy salty squares for delicious breaks.

    What contributes to improve the atmosphere at the dinner table? A savoury and appetizing newness, which is really hard to resist. Cradel Sfogliatelli are crackers you wouldn’t expect: homemade and savoury, they’re perfect for substituting bread or to be paired with a delicious appetizer. Thick and friable crispbread, they’re so tasty even if you eat only them. For creating them we’ve done nothing but combine our wish to create a salty baked product and our ability to bring out homemade, tasty and friable specialties. The selection of ingredients is always precise; you can find all our good habits in New Cradel Sfogliatelli.

  • NON-FRIED BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) WITH ICING SUGAR 200 g CRADEL

    Delicate delicacy.

    Confectionery specialty typical of carnival period, Bugie are a nationwide well-known and widespread sweet. Not for nothing it is called “sweet with a thousand names”. We from Cradel propose decided to bake and dust Bugie with icing sugar. Our Non-Fried Bugie are tasty and crispy, but lighter than the traditional ones. Cradel Non-Fried Bugie are very light, have a great appearance and a stirring fragrance.

  • Biscotti Paste di Meliga in astuccio Cradel
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    ”Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries) are gourmand cookies typical of Piedmont based on butter and cornmeal.

    Starting from the typical recipe of rural Piedmont, we propose crisp and sweet-smelling “Paste di Meliga” (Corn pastries).
    It’s about cookies based on cornmeal and butter. The key to taking them out of the oven at best, is to start from the original recipe. Butter and slightly-processed cornmeal. Housewives used just this, and we from Cradel do the same thing. Corn started as poor ingredient, now, however, whetted the interest thanks to its rustic flavour and its versatility in using it.

  • Biscotti Tegolette Classiche Cradel
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    TEGOLETTE CLASSICHE (Classic “Tegolette”) 200 g CRADEL


    Wafer-thin temptations for garnish your favourite sweets.

    ”Tegolette Cradel” rely on the traditional recipe of Piedmontese “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”), the characteristic cookies for garnish ice cream sundaes.
    With “Tegolette Cradel” you can rediscover the flavour of simplicity: we employ a few ingredients of the highest quality; that’s all we need to get tasty cookies.
    Serve “Tegolette” Cradel paired with gourmand zabaglione (dessert made of whipped egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine) if you want to delightfully astonish your guests. “Tegoletta” Cradel can be fully-fledged deemed a confectionary

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    WHOLEMEAL SFOGLIATELLI (saltine crackers) 250 G CRADEL


    Rural and salty delicacy suited for your every delicious break.

    The salty arrives at Cradel home! Wholemeal Sfogliatelli are a real newness: very first salty bakery products, healthy and delicious like all other Cradel products. Cradel homemade Sfogliatelli have something extra: they’re realised with stone-ground flour, so that you can enjoy the rural taste of full-bodied and crispy wholemeal flour. Sfogliatelli are so tasty that will soon become your favourite snack: every moment of the day is perfect for indulging an appetizing break. Discover them as the basis for enriching your recipes, as substitutes for bread at the dinner table or for enriching your aperitif turning it into an involving happy hour with your friends.

  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH BERRIES 250 g CRADEL

    Funny and coloured filling astonishing on every bite

    Could we select a better filling than that with berries for our Carnival Bugie ? Cradel Bugie filled with Berries are even better, thanks to the filling occurring after baking. This way, the heat of boiling oil doesn’t damage sensory properties of the filling, which remains fresh and soft. The acidulous, full-bodied and sweet flavour of fruit filling will cuddle your taste, while the aromatic savour of Bugia will arouse your senses.

  • Biscotti Tegolette alla Nocciola Cradel
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    Crisp hazelnut-flavoured lightness.

    Cradel “Tegolette” with hazelnuts are your irresistible temptation a cloud of crisp and sweet-smelling cookie, which is characterized by the intense flavour of the toasted hazelnut.
    We revisit the traditional “Lingue di Gatto” (cookies with a long and tight shape, similar to cat’s tongue; hence the name “Lingue di Gatto”, which literally means “Cat’s tongue”) by our own Cradel recip and we further enrich them with grain hazelnuts. This creates a sublime pastry, which is light, but with a a full and appetizing flavor. You can consume Cradel Hazelnut “Tegolette” on any occasion, they’re tasty whether alone or paired with hot drinks or creamy sweets. You can use them for optimizing your desserts, it’ll be a hit!

  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH APRICOT 250 g CRADEL

    Mild sweetness with a lovely taste.

    Allow yourself a break with a Cradel Filled Bugia: typical Bugie with a fresh apricot-filling. We repurpose the typical recipe of traditional preparation in a light and gourmand version. Cradel Filled Bugie differ from others Bugie in two basic aspects: they’re light and tasty. Frying them with top-quality sunflower oil allows us to get perfectly golden-brown and friable Bugie. They’re filled only after baking, so that the filling keeps its lightness and its fragrance.

  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH APPLE 250 g CRADEL

    Gourmand filling for the traditional Carnival sweet.

    Filled Bugie can’t miss in any house during Carnival period. Our wish to always find new tastes suggested us to play with filings in order to renovate the recipe of Cradel Filled Bugie but preserving all good qualities of our preparation: crumbliness and perfect golden-brown colour. Which filling is better fit than apple to become a soft filling? Why we don’t make it play a fundamental role for Cardel Filled Bugie too? With apple-filling, Bugie are sweet and succulent; a delicacy that everyone likes.

  • Righelle 4 Cereals and Chocolate Cradel
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    Exquisite goodness with a rustic flavor.

    The Righelle with 4 Cereals and Cradel Chocolate have a unique and pleasant taste. The credit is due to the perfect mix of flours that we use to make the dough. We use stone-ground wholemeal spelled flour, stone-ground rice, corn and soft wheat flour type 1. Precisely the stone grinding gives the product a rustic and fragrant flavor. As a finishing touch we add the dark chocolate chips, to give that bitter sensation to this exquisite sweetness. The Righelle with 4 Cereals and Cradel Chocolate have an intense and delicate taste with a crumbly consistency. They are perfect at any time of the day!

  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH CUSTARD 250 g CRADEL

    Winky and inviting sweet for Carnival.

    Fresh and delicate, custard is the most gourmand and valued garnish for sweets. Cradel Bugie were born to satisfy the most glutton tastes; creaminess and enveloping flavour conquer everyone since the first bite. Cradel Bugia is golden-brown and light, great for hosting delicate custard-filling. Cradel Bugie with Custard-filling are great in every moment. You can eat them for breakfast if you want to start energetically your day, or you can allow yourself aa gourmand break when you need to unwind.

  • Le Righelle with Spelt 250 g Cradel
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    Delicious biscuits with an intense and pleasant flavor.

    The Righelle al Farro Cradel have a rustic and artisanal appearance, thanks to the processing phases still partly carried out manually and thanks to the stone grinding of the wholemeal spelled flour. Using flour obtained from stone grinding without sifting it allows you to create products with a special body and a more decisive taste. The taste is the tangible proof of the genuineness of the product: on the palate you will recognize the delicate aroma of the butter in contrast with the full-bodied taste of the stone-ground wholemeal spelled flour.

    The Righelle al Farro Cradel are just waiting to be savored one by one ...

  • BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH LIMONCELLO(alcoholic drink made of lemon peel macerated in alcohol) 250 g CRADEL

    Winky specialty with an involving taste.

    Bugie are the typical sweet of Carnival period. For satisfying adults’ taste we created Cradel Bugie with Limoncello-filling. Arouse your appetite with dessert course: winky, soft and wrapping limoncello cream will delight the moment of dessert, with Cradel Filled Bugie as main character. After the first bite you’ll notice the expression of surprise due to the meeting between your mouth and limoncello cream.

  • Le Righelle Classic 250 g Cradel
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    Delicate biscuits with a simple taste and the scent of home.

    The Righelle Classiche Cradel are born from the desire to produce a delicate biscuit with an intense flavor.

    For this we have chosen only high quality raw materials: from stone mill flour produced with the grains of our province to Italian butter. The skilful mixing of these carefully selected ingredients gives life to a soft dough that allows us to create our Classic Righelle in simplicity.

    Perfect to be consumed at the end of a meal, accompanied by your favorite hot drink, they can also be used to enhance your desserts. The Cradel Classic Righelle will always be a hit!